Spring Soil Sampling

With spring approaching fast and plans to come together rapidly, consider how your fertility, irrigation, and horticulture decisions will be made and evaluated this year. When it comes to samples and laboratory tests, there are many options.

Water Management Compliance and TNS

Farming is hard and change is not painless. Complying with the myriad of government regulations and 3rd party standards now required by retailers makes those truths even more difficult.

Monitoring Soil Temperatures in the Spring

Before we jump into the debate between dry vs. liquid sources of potassium, let us first cover some basic agronomy as it pertains to potassium nutrition in almonds. Potassium plays various essential roles in all plant species.

Bacterial Blast and Canker

A point of interest in Northern California is the increased visibility of Bacterial Blast and Canker in young almond orchards.