Physiology of Pre-Harvest Fruit Drop in Apple

Optimizing performance of apple stop-drop products can be improved with a basic understanding of the physiology of pre-harvest drop and some of the factors that can influence it. Apples are a climacteric fruit, meaning that the maturation and ripening processes are...

Fungus Amongst Us – Common Rust vs. Southern Rust

While occurring every year, this year common corn rust appears to be more prevalent than usual.  Additionally, Southern rust has been detected in Kansas and counties along the Nebraska/Kansas state lines.  It is likely that the unusual weather patterns this Spring and...

Dog Days of Summer – Soybean & Corn Development

The dog days of summer have begun to take it’s toll on the developing crop.  Areas of sandy, low organic matter soils have begun to some drought stress.  However, the news is not all bad.  Digging with a tile spade to a 14” depth yesterday here in Plattsmouth, I could...

Stop Resistant Weeds Before They Start

Resistant weeds continue to march across the country, threatening yields and grower profits. No matter where you’re located, it’s important take preemptive steps to keep these challenging weeds from establishing a foothold.

Use Multiple Tools To Combat Weed Resistance

Before using any weed management tools, growers need to identify which weeds they have and then consult their local university to determine if any of these weeds are resistant to any modes of action (MOAs).

Eight Ways To Get Weeds Under Control

Controlling weeds so they don’t take root in your fields, and managing herbicide resistance, requires strategic planning that goes beyond what you may have considered in the past.