Feed Fungus the Dust

OMRI-Listed Fungicide & Miticide

Hoping your fungus bites the dust? With the help of DUSTING SULFUR, you can achieve just that – literally. Made from recovered sulfur, DUSTING SULFUR from Wilbur-Ellis is approved for organic production, NOP-compliant and listed with OMRI. So if you’re an organic grower looking for fungicide and miticide control, well done – your search is complete.

Features & Benefits

  • Specially Formulated for Full Coverage
    Non-lumping, free-flowing and with excellent adherence to the plant, DUSTING SULFUR’s consistent particle size works hard. Plus, it can be applied with ground equipment or aerially.

  • Fungicide AND Miticide Control
    With dual control properties, DUSTING SULFUR can take down powdery mildew and provide broad spectrum mite control dependent on crop.

  • OMRI Listed for Organic Crop Production
    For use on more than 50 crops.

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