Tackle Turf Grass Management

By Optimizing the Nutrients in Your Soil

Do you know the benefits of optimizing the nutrients in your soil? Simply introducing a building block like LINK FOURTIPLEX® can take your plant growth to the next level, increasing vigor and helping your plants push through stress none-the-wiser. And because LINK FOURTIPLEX includes several beneficial ingredients in one convenient jug, you’re minimizing tank mix issues with this soil enhancement for your Total Nutrition System®

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  • Optimize Plant Growth and Turf Care
    By improving plant health and root development without excessive top growth.

  • Reduce Plant Stress and Increase Vigor
    LINK FOURTIPLEX helps minimize abiotic stress for your plants, allowing them to focus on growth.

  • Turf Grass Science that Repairs and Restores
    Bring turf back from the brink with the reparative and restorative powers of LINK FOURTPLEX, after and even during stress events.

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