Break Through the Duff and

Take Down Noxious Weeds

Are you plagued by cheatgrass, leafy spurge and medusahead? Are you looking for a way to penetrate these invasive weeds and grasses, taking them down to open up your fields for grazing? Then you need the power of OPEN RANGE G – a specially formulated herbicide in capsule form, designed specifically to break through the “duff” in your fields and eliminate noxious weeds.

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  • Unique granular formulation and improved crop safety
    That allows proven active ingredient Imazapic to penetrate down to the soil surface while reducing environmental impact and negative effects on beneficial species.

  • Long-term Cheatgrass control, Leafy Spurge control and Medusahead control
    Allowing your field to re-establish native prairie grasses, wildflowers and beneficial perennial grasses.

  • Vegetation management with low volume rates
    Helping you to cover large areas with aerial applications

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