Unmatched Solubility. Unrivaled Efficacy.

PURIC® WSG MAX is a highly soluble, extracted humic acid that provides pure growing power.

Humic acids are organic compounds that boost plant productivity by improving the quality of the soil. PURIC WSG MAX is a compacted granule extracted from pure leonardite ore. It makes dry fertilizer blends and soil work better, together, for increased nutrient efficiency and optimal yields.

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  • Benefits to the soil:
    • Improves soil structure and productivity
    • Holds water and nutrients better
    • Contributes to native fertility and microbial activity
    • Aerates the soil by increasing porosity

  • Benefits to plants:
    • Improves nutrient uptake and absorption
    • Enhances early growth
    • Helps crops grow deeper and thicker roots

  • Benefits to your bottom line:
    • Boosts nutrition program
    • Increases crop quality
    • Provides opportunity for extra yield

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