The Biological Fungicide from Beginning to End

Do you need a workable fungicide to solve your almond brown rot problem or rid powdery mildew from your grape vineyard? SONATA® is a biofungicide that’s an excellent fit for your integrated, sustainable residue management program. Now you can easily manage residues, fungi and bacteria spores by starting and ending your season with the high performing, compatible and flexible control that growers get from SONATA.

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  • Biofungicide performance like no other
    From a unique, patented bacteria that inhibits harmful cells while creating a pathogen-blocking zone on your plants. Backed by more than 300 efficacy field trials in high-value specialty fruit and vegetable crops.

  • Tank Mix Compatibility
    So you can use SONATA in your tank to complement your standard disease control programs.

  • Application Flexibility
    Backed by a 4-hour restricted entry interval and a 0-day pre-harvest interval, making it easier than ever to manage late-season disease issues – right up to the day you harvest.

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