Safe Like Biologicals. Strong Like Synthetics.

SPEAR®-LEP Biological Insecticide

Managing your pests with the right level of strength and efficacy can be a tricky game of balance. Until now. SPEAR-LEP is a brand-new pesticide that has a novel mode of action designed to deliver the sustainability of a biological product with the efficacy of a synthetic. If you’re looking to soften your footprint while still meeting your high lepidopteran pest-management expectations, SPEAR-LEP is the product for you. And because SPEAR LEP isn’t susceptible to cross-resistance, you can confidently use it in your resistance management programs. Plus, SPEAR LEP is soft on beneficial insects and is rainfast, minimizing the negative while maximizing the positive.

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+ Focus on Tree Nuts

+ Focus on Pome Fruit


  • Efficacy of synthetics with the profile of a biopesticide
    So you can confidently control lepidopteran pests on your crops

  • Soft on beneficials
    Friendly to pollinators & favorable worker exposure profile

  • Contributes to Resistance Management
    No cross-resistance susceptibility due to novel mode of action

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