Fall Dormancy: 4

Trait: Conventional

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent overall disease resistance

  • Versatility for hay or haylage production

  • Very good winter-hardiness and persistance

  • Strong root rot resistance, including multi-race Aphanomyces


Fall Dormancy: 4
Winter Survival: 2
Tonnage Potential: Excellent
Persistence (regrowth): Excellent
Forage Quality: Excellent

Disease Resistance

Bacterial Wilt: High Resistance
Multifoliate Expression: N/A
Verticillium Wilt: High Resistance
Fusarium Wilt: High Resistance
Anthracnose: High Resistance
Phytophthora Root Rot: High Resistance
Aphanomyces r.1: High Resistance
Aphanomyces r.2: High Resistance

Pest Resistance

Pea Aphid: High Resistance
Blue Alfalfa Aphid: Resistance
Spotted Alfalfa Aphid: N/A
Potato Leafhopper: Resistance
Stem Nematode: N/A
Root Knot Nematode – Northern: Resistance
Root Knot Nematode – Southern: N/A

Always follow grain marketing and IRM requirements and pesticide label directions. Agronomic characteristics and ratings may vary with growing conditions and environment. Ratings are approximate and should not be considered as absolute. Ratings on new products are based on limited data and may change as more data are collected. Extreme or variable conditions may adversely affect performance.


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