Relative Maturity: 90

Features & Benefits

  • Versatile New Product

  • High Ratings for Goss's Wilt, NCLB and Tar Spot

  • Outstanding Emergence and Vigor

  • Semi-Flex Ear with Good Stalks

  • Impressive Yield Performance in 2021


GDU to Mid-Silk: 1215
GDU to Black Layer: 2305
Pollination for Maturity: Medium

Region Adaptability


Staygreen: Above Average
Greensnap: Above Average
Stalks: Above Average
Roots: Below Average
Early Vigor: Excellent
Drought Tolerance: Above Average
Test Weight: Average
Silage: Above Average

Soil Placement

Course (Droughty): Average
Medium: Above Average
Heavy (Well Drained): Above Average
Heavy (Poorly Drained): Above Average
Variable: Above Average

Disease Tolerance

Northern Leaf Blight: Above Average
Gray Leaf Spot: N/A
Southern Leaf Blight: N/A
Goss’s Wilt: Above Average
Common Rust: N/A
Southern Rust: N/A
Stalk Rot: N/A
Ear Rot: N/A

Rotation Management

Rotated Acres: Highly Recommended
Continuous Corn: Recommended
Continuous Corn with Fungicide: Recommended

Water Management

Full Irrigation: Highly Recommended
Limited Irrigation: Highly Recommended
Rainfed: Highly Recommended
Dryland (Stress): Recommended

Management Response

Added Management: Above Average
Fungicide Response: 
Average Management Response: Above Average
Low Management: Average


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