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LAGUNA® is a demethylation inhibitor of sterol biosynthesis (DMI), part of the GROUP 3 class of fungicides. It is the only product on the market offering growers the powdery mildew control of difenoconazole in a value oriented straight-goods formulation. Powdery Mildew control is dependent on resistance management and MOA rotation... LAGUNA gives growers a new tool in their arsenal to alternate their plan of attack. Consult your agronomist for specific variety information. LAGUNA is a broad spectrum fungicide with systemic and curative properties recommended for the control of many important plant diseases. LAGUNA may be applied as a foliar spray in alternating spray programs or in tank mixes with other crop protection products. All applications must be made according to the labeled use directions.

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible 10-21 day spray intervals and rate structure

  • Single Mode of Action allows more rotational options for changing disease pressure or subsequent applications

  • Proven track record in years of research and commercial use

  • LAGUNA outperforms other FRAC Group 3 fungicides head-to-head for control of powdery mildew

  • California testing has shown no phytotoxicity to common Vitis vinifera grape varieties.

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