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TILL-IT® KILOWATT™ uses proprietary KILO® technology to harness incredibly soluble, available potassium and the right blend of micronutrients – including manganese (0.30%), copper (0.35%), and zinc (1.90%). These micronutrients are essential in several plant growth processes and are chelated, or protected from being tied up in the soil, for a fast start and increased yield potential for your crops. The product is also wired with PURIC® technology, which powers phosphorus efficiency by increasing nutrient availability, reducing phosphorus tie-up in soils, and enhancing nutrient uptake as a foliar spray.


  • Increases yield potential by increasing photosynthesis rate and capacity

  • Enhances and regulates movement of water and nutrients into the plant

  • Improves the plant’s stress tolerance

  • Replaces multiple products with one, value-added solution – upgrade your foliar spray or starter program with stalk-building nutrients

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