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PERFECTION® F(X) CARBON™ is a unique four-particle blend that delivers long-term feeding and enhanced nutrient efficiency with proprietary humic acids. Powered by PURIC® WSG, PERFECTION F(X) CARBON is a pioneering new turf fertilizer blend with extracted humic acid for increased nutrient use efficiency. Why are extracted humic acids so important? The extracted humic acid in PURIC WSG goes to work immediately in the soil unlike non-extracted sources of raw leonardite. This is significant because when do we want our fertilizer to work? At the time of application and throughout the weeks and months when we expect performance. When adding functional carbon from PURIC WSG we make soil, fertilizer, and the plant work better together.

Features & Benefits

  • Increased nutrient availability and uptake

  • Increased root growth

  • Microbial stimulation

  • Stress tolerance

  • Increased soil CEC

  • Improved soil structure

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