Help Your Farm Thrive with CropSights

CropSights is Wilbur Ellis’ new offering that helps growers and agronomists improve decision-making and unlock more value by delivering insights developed through combining several information sources. CropSights complements Wilbur-Ellis’ value-added advisory services by offering simple, easy-to-access insights across input tracking, budgeting, regulatory compliance, and more.

In-Season Application Tracking

View past and upcoming applications, watch field entry status (REI / PHI), add events, and sort by land area or commodity

Cost Per Acre Monitoring

Create budgets for major cost categories like chemicals and water, view across sub-categories, and track cost per acre

Regulatory Compliance Management

Monitor key inputs against requirements for AgOrder 4.0 and export application data reports

A unified platform to deliver the Wilbur-Ellis expertise and insights you and your team need
Easily view and Track Real-Time Data on Your Farm
Stay Up to Date on Your Input Costs
Track Your Inputs, Past and Scheduled

Streamline Your Operation With Cost & Time Savings for Your Team

  • In-season performance and application tracking
  • Field status monitoring (REI/PHI)
  • Cost-per-acre tracking against custom budgets
  • Planting-level input tracking and cost monitoring
  • Nitrogen level tracking to meet AgOrder 4.0 regulatory requirements
  • Access to soil, tissue, and water sampling results

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