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PERFECTION® LONG DISTANCE™ is a premium blend featuring multiple proprietary ingredients to deliver exceptional results. When managing turf and expectations are high you need a product that will perform from point A to B even when they are far apart. We formulated PERFECTION LONG DISTANCE with 2 types of slow-release nitrogen, TILL-IT® ELEMATIC® micronutrients, and PURIC® WSG to supply turf what it needs to thrive for an extended period of time. All 4 technologies work together to provide excellent turf quality much longer than traditional fertilizer blends.

Features & Benefits

  • 64% slow-release nitrogen for long-term feeding

  • PURIC humic acid for improved nutrient uptake

  • Excellent warm weather performance

  • Formulated for use in areas with phosphorus restrictions

  • Elematic micronutrient package

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