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PERFECTION ROYAL GREEN was designed by Dr. Roy Goss (WSU) as the ideal year-round turf fertilizer. This unique blend is recommended by leading, respected turf authorities. Treat your turf like Royalty with a blend specifically designed for high-quality turf year-round. There are no corners cut with this blend providing the full nutrient package your turf needs and sustained nitrogen feeding from multiple slow-release sources. This lower nitrogen and higher potassium formulation is ideal for building strong turf under highly demanding conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • 78% total slow release Nitrogen ideal for variable soil temperatures
    • 60% blend of 90 and 120 day polymer coated urea
    • 18% methylene urea

  • High potassium for increased root growth and drought tolerance

  • Includes calcium, iron, and zinc

  • Improved turf color

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