2022 Spring Food Safety Updates

April 15, 2022

2022 spring reminders

As spring approaches here are a few reminders to add to your spring to-do list:

  • Initial pre-season water tests
  • Review and Complete Risk assessments
  • Employee safety trainings
  • Calibration equipment records
  • Update contact list
  • Update visitor log
  • Update approved supplier list
  • Any spring soil sampling

Food Safety Services

We are now offering food safety services through Wilbur-Ellis. These new services include updating your audit book(s), consulting on all aspects of food safety, conducting internal audits, and more. These services can be tailored to fit the needs of your specific operation.

Contact Carrie Fitzpatrick at 989-330-8125 with any questions or for more information.

primusgfs version 3.2 updates

Primus has released a new version of their guidelines this year. There are some new questions, combined questions, and regulations to be aware of as you get started this spring. One of the biggest changes with the Primus guidelines this year is the essential vs. non-essential questions of food safety. The essential questions are marked in the checklist and are questions that are considered essential to food safety. Corrective actions must be completed on any essential question if there is a loss of points, and all points must be earned back through corrective actions that are accepted by the auditor in order to get the Primus certification.

food safety bites