Pure Growing Power

Why Humic Acids Make a Difference

You’re probably wondering – why are there so many Humic Acid options? Do they even work? What’s the best product for my fields? We’re here to help answer these questions and more. Because there’s a PURIC product for everyone, giving you access to the best humic acid technologies in the world, complete with the high compatibility, efficacy and quality you need to increase nutrient uptake, root mass, soil buffering capacity, water holding capacity and potential yield.


Flexible applications

At all stages of plant growth. Which means you can apply PURIC products through soil, foliar or irrigation system applications.


Humic acids increase & improve:

Nutrient uptake, root mass, soil buffering and water holding capacity, crop yield and/or quality, CEC (cation exchange capacity), soil structure, soil microbial activity and foliar shoot growth.


Highly refined humic acid products

Give you strong results with a variety of options for your fields.

Get Pure Growing Power with PURIC Products


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