The Plant Growth Regulator with an Early-Season Advantage

ADVANTIGRO® is here to help you get through harsh early-season conditions with a blend of three plant growth regulators that improve seed emergence resilience, plant vigor and plant function. Able to be applied in furrow with fertilizers or in-season as a foliar spray, ADVANTIGRO is the agricultural product that gives you the advantage you need to increase your yield.

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  • Optimized blend of three powerful plant growth regulators
    That improves seed germination time, promotes bigger root mass and promotes early-season plant vigor.

  • More Application Flexibility
    With a product that’s labeled for in-furrow and foliar applications, giving you more opportunity at any point in the crop cycle.

  • Longer Shelf Life
    High-quality, versatile formulation gives you a product that lasts longer than similar plant growth regulation products.

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