Conquer Soil Moisture

And Rule Your Sports Turf Management

Hit ‘em with an advanced formulation of four proprietary soil surfactants and you’ll see improved water availability, distribution and infiltration into the root zone – making your sports turf care more competitive than ever. Don’t sacrifice playing conditions ever again – wet soccer field, wet baseball field, doesn’t matter. AQUATE PRO® has you covered from greens, tees and fairways to sports fields and lawns.

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  • Two Infiltration Chemistries + Two Hydration Chemistries
    Covers all the bases – making sure water goes exactly where you need it to go.

  • Flexible Use Rate and Application Schedule
    Gives you the ability to call up AQUATE PRO whenever you need it most.

  • Turf Care on Every Level
    Improved water penetration, better moisture retention, faster RECHARGE from rain and irrigation leading to better plant quality and one good-looking lawn.

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