Save Your Rice from Barnyardgrass and Then Some

Free your rice from killer weeds with CERANO from Wilbur-Ellis – a microencapsulated form of clomazone that works as a grass and broadleaf herbicide. Plus, CERANO is a tailor-made herbicide for the rice industry, so you know you’re getting herbicide power that’s made just for you.

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  • Early-Season Watergrass, Barnyardgrass and Sprangletop Control
    CERANO lets your rice kick off the season the right way by removing weed competition for nutrients, light and water.

  • Wide Application Window
    CERANO can be applied to your rice both pre- and post-emergence.

  • Clomazone that Attacks Weeds in Several Ways
    Having multiple modes of action means CERANO can help you control weeds through both foliar and root uptake – ensuring your control stays consistent.

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