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Choose the Selective Herbicide that Wipes Out Weeds

Specifically formulated to control even the toughest of weeds in turf and vegetation management, DESPERADO® is the selective herbicide you need for full-season flexibility and action. This powerful, non-2, 4-D product combines four key active ingredients designed to control even the most persistence nuisance weeds.

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  • Strong on the Toughest Weeds – From Kochia to Rush Skeleton Weed
    So, no matter the weed, DESPERADO doesn’t bat an eye – taking down weeds so you can grow beautiful turf.

  • Unique 4-way Formulation
    Featuring Triclopyr and Fluroxypyr, ensuring every weed is covered and eliminated.

  • Non-2, 4-D Formulation
    For maximum control of persistent weeds.

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