Make Your Chill Hours Your Finest Hours

Chill hours during the winter months are important to your almond crop’s development—helping delayed bud break and more uniform bloom. More chill hours also mean increased storage of carbohydrates in your trees throughout the winter, potentially helping with your bloom the following spring. DIFFUSION® is the tool you need to maximize your chill hours.

Why Chill Hours Matter to You

On a sunny winter day, the average internal bud temperature is 10 to 15 degrees hotter than the ambient air. When you use DIFFUSION, you can lower this temperature, contributing to your chill hours. How so? One way to calculate chill hours is to count the number of hours your bud temperature is below 45ºF but above 32ºF. Being able to reduce your internal bud temperature with DIFFUSION allows you to better maintain temperatures within the optimum chill hour zone.

For more information about chill hours and the impact to your crop, review Fruit & Nut Crop Chill Portions Requirements from UC Davis.


  • Improve chill accumulation hours

  • Reduces excessive heating of internal buds and stems on sunny winter days

  • Helps to maintain temperatures within the optimal chill hour zone

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