Push Your Yield

Nut growers, looking to increase your yield? NDemand POLISH is the preferred source of in-season foliar nitrogen to increase your nut yield! During critical nut-filling period, your trees are hungry and often can’t take up the nitrogen they need. NDemand POLISH’sM foliar nitrogen and amino acids help your trees optimize photosynthesis and keep your yield climbing. Calcium, zinc and magnesium round things out, ensuring your orchard gets those often left-behind nutrients.

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  • Enhanced Yield and Crop Quality
    Due to efficient nitrogen, amino acids and the addition of calcium, zinc and magnesium.

  • Tank Mix Compatible
    NDemand POLISH can be tanl mixed with a wide range of plant protection products and blended with other nutritional products, so you can be sure your whole program is rounded out.

  • Improved Uptake
    NDemand products provide more efficient sources of nitrogen and nutrients, so your trees get what they need, when they need it.

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