Slow Down Nitrogen Loss

Last year was a wet year for fields, farmers and yields. But NDURE DCD there to help. A proven option for UAN and NH3 applications, NDURE DCD is the key to protecting nitrogen from below-ground leaching and nitrification losses. By slowing these down, NDURE DCD protects your nitrogen investment when your fields get wet, keeping nitrogen in the soil longer and giving your crops the chance they need to absorb that valuable N.

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  • Keeps Nitrogen in the Soil Longer
    By inhibiting nitrification, allowing your investment to work to its full potential.

  • Increases Yield Potential
    Because NDURE DCD keeps your nitrogen where it needs to be, your crops get the nutrients they need.

  • Flexible Applications
    NDURE DCD can be injected into anhydrous tanks or applied with a sidekick

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