Unlock Your Crops with the Soil Nutrients They Need

And the Proven Biological Catalyst from Wilbur-Ellis

OMRI-Listed and ready for organic crops, NUTRIO UNLOCK® is a biological catalyst that maximizes your root growth and nutrient availability. This powerful product has unmatched performance and compatibility, enhancing root architecture and nutrient mineralization. Plus, you can apply NUTRIO UNLOCK at any timing with liquid or dry fertilizer blends. Now nothing can hold the door closed!

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  • Biological Catalyst with 91% Positive Response Rate
    Across all crops tested, so you know exactly what you're getting

  • Increased Root Growth and Nutrient Availability
    Thanks to beneficial bacteria strains and robust Wilbur-Ellis testing

  • Compatible across the board
    With most liquid and dry fertilizer blends

NUTRIO UNLOCK Opens the Door for Growth

Untreated (Left)  |  NUTRIO UNLOCK® + PURIC® @ 16 oz/A each (Right)

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