Make Your Fertilizer Blends and Soil Work Better Together

Humic Acid on the Go

PURIC PRIME is the humic acid solution for the grower on the go. Not only does it tap into the PURIC power that makes fertilizer blends and soil work better together, improving soil structure and increasing nutrient availability, PURIC PRIME is perfect to keep your operation rolling. Why? It can be splash blended on the go with UAN and most liquid fertilizers – making sure you don’t have to slow down for a second.

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  • Splash-Blending Approved
    So you can mix on the go, adding PURIC PRIME when and where you see fit.

  • Increases Nutrient Uptake
    As well as root mass, water holding capacity, soil structure, soil microbial activity, shoot growth and yield.

  • Ultra-Pure
    PURIC products are ultra-low in sediments, reducing problems associated with inferior products.

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