Unmatched Solubility. Unrivaled Efficacy.

We take the extra step to give you the products you need – and that’s the case with PURIC WSG. PURIC WSG is extracted from pure leonardite ore and compacted into a granule, which means it’s completely soluble in water and soil, giving you immediate, long-lasting efficacy in your field’s rhizosphere. Add to that benefits of PURIC products from Wilbur-Ellis, like enhanced soil structure, health and increased nutrient availability and uptake and PURIC WSG is a no-brainer.

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  • Extracted Product
    Giving you unrivaled solubility and performance.

  • Increases Across the Board
    PURIC WSG can increase your nutrient uptake, root mass, crop yield, crop quality, soil pore space, Cation Exchange capacity, soil buffering capacity, soil water holding capacity, soil structure and soil microbial activity.

  • OMRI Listed for Organic Use
    So organic growers can get the soluble power of PURIC WSG, too.

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