Enhance Your Pesticides with Organic Wetting Power

Get the absolute most out of your pesticides and herbicides when you use the organic power of SYL-COAT, from Wilbur-Ellis. An NOP Compliant nonionic surfactant, SYL-COAT was specifically designed to enhance the efficacy of your pesticides, and is particularly effective when used with water-soluble and post-emergence herbicides. Because SYL-COAT helps other products to completely wet virtually any leaf surface, you’ll save money and see more results.

Features & Benefits

  • Foliar-applied surfactant
    That allows for complete wetting of the leaf, enhancing pesticide uptake and giving you more consistent weed control.

  • Plus-Up the Power of Post Emergence Herbicides
    With SYL-COAT’s exceptional surface tension reduction and compatibility with a variety of active ingredients – ensuring your pesticides give you their all.

  • NPE Free and OMRI Listed for Organic Use
    Means your organic crops are getting the best of the best.

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