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Replace UAN with a Complete Nutrition Solution

TILL-IT® FLUID CARBON® is UAN 2.0, creating a better - more efficient - nitrogen fertilizer for all crops in need of nitrogen throughout the season. TILL-IT FLUID CARBON replaces your standard UAN program, keeping nitrogen where it belongs - in the root zone.

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  • Below-ground nitrogen protection

  • Increased nutrient holding capacity

  • Application flexibility-broadcast, band, dribble, Y-drop, or fertigation

  • No in-field mixing

  • Reduces nitrification and leaching

Young Cornfield

Complete Nitrogen Fertility

TILL-IT FLUID CARBON is loaded with NDURE® DCD to slow nitrification and leaching, and contains the nutrient efficiency of PURIC® humic acid carbon, mixing nutrient stabilization with enhanced nutrient availability.

TILL-IT FLUID CARBON should be used as part of a comprehensive Total Nutrition System® for optimizing plant growth, development, yield and quality. TILL-IT FLUID CARBON is designed with flexibility in-mind; Wilbur-Ellis locations custom prescribe and create TILL-IT FLUID CARBON for applications via broadcast, band, dribble, Y-drop, or through fertigation. We recommend incorporating within 3 days. If that isn’t an option, Check out TILL-IT TOP DRESS.

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