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At Wilbur-Ellis, we’re constantly innovating, and not just for the sake of something new. It’s because we believe in the future of ag. And we know we can get there, together. That’s why we’re heavily invested in new technologies, giving our customers new methods with which to grow their business. We’re always on the lookout for new partners as we build the future of agriculture together with pioneering entrepreneurs that insist on the same, without taking shortcuts. Our deep expertise and market knowledge enable new product and service launches, trials, expansion and recruiting along the way.

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Our mission is to build our customers’ wealth by increasing efficiency and mitigating risk. How do we do that? Real relationships based on trust, commitment, reliability, and execution. For over 10 years, we have been helping farmers maximize profits, simplify data and increase ROI through a combination of market knowledge, risk management, and in-depth analysis of land and farm data. We look at the entire operation – so you can make the best possible decisions.

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Grow your crop production. We’re bringing a new level of agronomic precision and service to grain farming. If you’ve got field data scattered in a hundred places and lack the time to pull it all together and put it to use, you’re not alone! Our agricultural advisory team specializes in analysis for Iowa growers that aggregates and cleans data, compensating for any gaps or errors to give you an accurate view of your operation.

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AgCode software is essential to specialty crops around the world. From California to Australia, AgCode has expanded from vineyard management to encompass high-value specialty crops like apples, cherries, sweet corn and blueberries.

Partners in Innovation

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Informed soil insights. Smarter crop decisions. Harness the power of soil science and machine learning to increase your profitability with in-depth insights from Trace Genomics.

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Get the complete digital agronomy solution – identify, analyze and treat early signs of crop threats to make informed decisions, lower costs and maximize yield.

Ceres Imaging is a precision agriculture company that uses university-proven science to help farmers and their advisors understand their farm – and the numbers tell the story.

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Fieldin’s Smart Farm Platform sheds light on otherwise unmeasurable field operations, providing growers with actionable data that improves efficiencies and production.

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Isn’t it time you tap into the potential of your microbiome? When microbes work together, they can be more effective than the sum of their individual contributions. From agriculture to human and animal health, these microbes play critical roles. Harnessing the potential of your microbiome will be imperative to a future of sustainability on a resource-limited planet. Amplify your plants’ ability to thrive. At Sound Agriculture, we are using the power of science to design reliable and effective tools that enable sustainability across the agriculture value chain. Our advanced, field-tested products help plants use soil nutrients more effectively, leading to greater yield and improved plant and soil health.

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