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BenVireo® BOTANIC® DRY 16-0-0 is a soluble powder recommended for use on all indoor and outdoor agriculture and horticulture crops including, but not limited to, gardens, lawns, nurseries, and greenhouses. This product can be applied as a foliar application by ground or air; or, through drench, drip or flood irrigation on soil. For drip irrigation, dilute with water 1:5-15. For foliar application, dilute with water. 1:20-30. Mix well. When mixing with other products it is recommended that a physical compatibility test be conducted before use. A test using small quantities in proportion to field application rates is recommended. Use BenVireo BOTANIC DRY 16-0-0 as a component of your comprehensive nutrient plan. Apply as needed based on your nutrient management program determined from soil and plant tissue analysis for your specific crop.

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