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When your season looks like it’s heating up, it’s time to call on DIFFUSION O from Wilbur-Ellis. Approved for organic production, DIFFUSION-O is a premium calcium carbonate product that helps manage light and reduce heat stress, resulting in more efficient water usage for your organic crops while preventing plant sunburn. DIFFUSION O’s organic-approved technology prevents sunlight from becoming heat – keeping your organic plants safe while still allowing for photosynthesis to occur.

Features & Benefits

  • Approved for Organic Production
    So even your organic crops can get the best light and heat protection available.

  • Premium Liquid Calcium Carbonate Used For
    Managing light and reducing heat stress in your plants, resulting in more efficient water usage

  • Improve Chill Accumulation Hours
    By reducing excessive heating of buds and stems on sunny winter days.

  • Specifically Formulated for Photosynthesis
    DIFFUSION O’s calcium carbonate crystals reflect light without interfering with photosynthesis.

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