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SPECIAL ELECTRIC Sulfur is extremely refined with excellent adhesion properties. Each component used to make SPECIAL ELECTRIC is chosen at the highest quality specifications. These premium components in SPECIAL ELECTRIC allow for high-quality control, providing consistent disease control and superior adhesion to the leaf foliage.

A specially formulated, refined, super-adhesive, FRAC Group M2, OMRI approved, 98% dusting sulfur that controls powdery mildew and a broad spectrum of mites in over 50 different crops.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides full coverage, excellent adherence on the leaf surface with consistent particle size.

  • Fine sulfur (95% min. passed no. 325 U.S.S. Sieve.) Non-lumping, free-flowing, and excellent adherence to the plant.

  • Dual fungicidal and acaricidal control properties. Powdery mildew and broad-spectrum mite control dependent on crop.

  • Pest pressure dependent. Application equipment flexibility.

  • Organic Crop Production fungicide and miticide for use on more than 50 crops.

  • Foundational product for IPM programs.

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