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TILL-IT® WIRED™ PHOS is wired with nutrient efficiency and the right blend of micronutrients, and season-long sulfur, maximizing your crop’s potential.

TILL-IT WIRED PHOS is a single solution for granular phosphorus applications as a 9-43-0 with 7.6% S, 0.07% B, 0.27% Mn, 1.33% Zn, and 1.70% extracted humic acids.

Features & Benefits

  • Build the rhizosphere with both sulfur and humic acid carbon

  • Nutrient availability, uptake, efficiency of phosphorus & soil structure

  • Provides more than 2x the amount of coverage than traditional sulfates, keeping rates low and effective while adding boron and manganese to the blend

  • Thoughtful application of 3 fertilizer efficiency products with a bulk fertilizer solution

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