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Wilbur-Ellis Announces Acquisition To Build On Expanding Seed Business

May 09, 2006

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Courtney Chauvin

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Jim Crawford

Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

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May 9, 2006

SAN FRANCISCO (May 9, 2006) – Wilbur-Ellis Company announced today it acquired a regional seed brand to add to its proprietary seed offerings. The addition is expected to bolster Wilbur-Ellis’s ability to deliver the most advanced seed technology through a trusted seed brand.

Wilbur-Ellis acquired Integra Seed which is based in Bozeman, Montana and serves wholesale and grower customers in the Northern Corn Belt. Former Integra Seed owner Jim Habernicht has accepted a key role with Wilbur-Ellis and will continue to help manage the Integra Seed brand. “I am pleased to have joined the Wilbur-Ellis team and to be apart of a respected family owned business.”

“We have demonstrated integrity and success as a provider of crop protection products and fertilizer and we look forward to similar success as a provider of high quality seed containing the latest technology and germplasm” said Mike Thomas, Vice-President of Wilbur-Ellis. “The seed industry is very dynamic and we see lots of opportunity for our company to play a part in bringing great value to our customers through acquisitions of trusted companies like Integra Seed.”

Troy Johnson, Wilbur-Ellis’s National Director of Seed, looks forward to bringing the trusted Integra Seed name to growers in other geographies. “Integra has been a valuable partner with us for several years and we are pleased to have the opportunity to invest and to accelerate the growth of this business.” said Johnson. “We have several other companies helping us provide seed brands and technology to our customers and we also look forward to continuing to strengthening our most valued relationships.”

Wilbur-Ellis Company is a leading provider of crop inputs and technology to farmers and dealers in the United States. Wilbur-Ellis’s mission is to provide the most advanced crop production technology with the goal of maximizing customers’ return on investment. For more information, please visit www.integraseed.com.
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