Efficiency is Key to Profitability in 2022

High-trending crop prices offer growers a prime opportunity for increased profits in 2022. However, rising input costs make turning a profit anything but a slam dunk. Wilbur-Ellis sales representative, Wes Hotchkiss said the key to being profitable this season will be...

Stop Resistant Weeds Before They Start

Resistant weeds continue to march across the country, threatening yields and grower profits. No matter where you’re located, it’s important take preemptive steps to keep these challenging weeds from establishing a foothold.

Which practices yield the greatest soil health benefits?

Healthy soil provides the foundation for strong crop growth and optimum ROI each season. Without the right below-ground environment and structure, soil isn’t able to support maximum plant performance for today’s high-yielding genetics and plants.

Five Steps Toward Farm Sustainability

Creating long-term sustainability within a farm operation can seem overwhelming. However, as with any large task, developing a plan with manageable components can be the best way to get started.

2022 Spring Food Safety Updates

2022 spring reminders As spring approaches here are a few reminders to add to your spring to-do list: Initial pre-season water tests Review and Complete Risk assessments Employee safety trainings Calibration equipment records Update contact list Update visitor log...