Fortify Your Orchard, Improve Fruit Ripening, And

Activate Plant Defense Mechanisms

Apples, pears and cherries looking a little sad? It’s time you put your orchard to work with EMPLOY®, from Wilbur-Ellis. EMPLOY is a biochemical plant health promoter that harnesses the power of second generation Harpin Proteins. Harpin Protein ∂ß is a naturally occurring compound that boosts both plant health and growth, improving fruit size and coloring, uniform ripening and potentially giving you an increased yield.

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  • Harpin Protein ∂ß
    The second generation of the Harpin protein that’s 10x more potent than its predecessor and is highly optimized to produce a response in your plants.

  • Improved Plant Photosynthesis and Nutrient Uptake
    Improve fruit coloring and increasing fruit size.

  • Bolstered Plant Defense
    That’s rainfast in 30 minutes, helping you get the most out of your orchard.

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