Versatile Sulfur, OMRI Listed

This unique 92% active sulfur formulation gives growers an economical fungicide and miticide combination with diverse application potential – plus, it’s OMRI Listed and can be used on over 50 organic crops. Because it mixes well with water and can form a stable flowable, GOLDEN MICRONIZED SULFUR can be applied aerially or on the ground without clogging spray nozzles at high use rates.

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  • Unique Formulation
    That allows for both aerial and ground application without clogging spray nozzles and while maintaining high sulfur concentrations.

  • Fungicide and Miticide Functionality
    Giving growers Powdery Mildew and broad-spectrum mite control on select crops.

  • OMRI Listed for Organic Production
    Ensuring even organic growers don’t miss out on this versatile sulfur product

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