Draw Them In. Take Them Down.

Superior Proprietary Attractant

"Superior proprietary attractant." Three words every grower loves to hear. Three words that insects can’t stand. Add to that SEVIN 5 BAIT’s ideal pellet size and the bug-killing power of carbaryl for proven performance in eliminating insects.

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  • Powerful Proprietary Attractant
    Attracts key pests, starts quickly, lasts longer

  • Broad Spectrum Crop Label & Insect Control
    SEVIN 5 BAIT is registered on 52 crops for the control of cutworms, armyworms, field crickets, house crickets, mole crickets, darkling beetles, grasshoppers, sowbugs and ants (except fire ants, harvester ants, pharaoh ants and carpenter ants)

  • Carbary-Based
    Proven performance with industry standard broad-spectrum insecticide

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