OMRI Listed Mite & Fungus Control

Are you always fighting mites and fungus? Does wash-off make your head hurt? Stop stressing and go with the flow. SULFUR DRY FLOWABLE from Wilbur-Ellis helps you fight back against fungus, spider mites and many other mites with optimal coverage, flexible application methods and a broad crop label, giving you the power to take back your crops. Because it's time you go with the flow.

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  • Spreader Sticker Qualities
    That increase adherence, keeping your product on leaves and fruit longer while decreasing potential for wash-off from heavy rain

  • Dust Free Spider Mite Control
    With a dry flowable sulfur in a granular form that increases the number of sulfur particles, giving you top-tier coverage and adherence

  • OMRI Listed Product
    Meaning you get the power of SULFUR DRY FLOWABLE, even on your organic crops. Approved for organic production, OMRI.

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