Treatment and Prevention for Symptoms of Pierce’s Disease

XylPhi-PD is an OMRI-listed bactericide for reducing the symptoms of Pierce’s Disease in grapevines by targeting the bacterium that causes Pierce’s disease, Xylella fastidiosa. Apply XylPhi-PD preventatively and when disease symptoms become visible by injection into the xylem in-season to protect growing vines.


  • Proven efficacy with natural field infection
    • 57% reduction in PD incidence in a 4-site 2020 WECO field trial (2 years of use, Sonoma)
    • In a Texas A&M study with natural infection exposure, 3 monthly XylPhi-PD treatments significantly reduced PD incidence 44% vs controls.

  • The only EPA-approved product that targets and kills the actual PD-causing bacteria – Xylella fastidiosa

  • A biologic product that is Organic (OMRI-listed), has no reported phytotoxicity, no REI, minimal PPE required, no negative impact on wine or fruits, no impact on pollinators or beneficial insects.

  • Fruit yield: In years of high vector activity / high levels of PD, fruit yield may be improved up to 30% vs controls (CA field trial, 2018)

  • Can be used to treat vines with PD symptoms, or as a preventative in high PD pressure areas

  • Aids in maintaining production uniformity in the block, vs roguing and replanting

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