FOLI-GRO® NUT TREE MIX is formulated primarily for foliar applications to prevent or correct nutrient deficiencies in a wide range of agronomic and ornamental plants. Its use is suggested as a supplement to a regular, balanced fertilizer program to enhance yields and improve quality. Application of FOLI-GRO NUT TREE MIX is a means of obtaining a quick response to needed elements. Foliar applications of FOLI-GRO NUT TREE MIX may be particularly beneficial during periods of peak nutrient demand, for crops grown on soils having poor nutrient availability or to crops suffering from a weakened root system. Avoid foliar nutrient applications to crops during periods of moisture, salinity or heat stress. Applications of foliar nutrients to sensitive crops such as leafy vegetables or soft-skinned fruit during periods of excessive temperatures may cause cosmetic injury. FOLI-GRO NUT TREE MIX should be used as part of a comprehensive Total Nutrition System® for optimizing plant growth, development, yield and quality.

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