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TILL-IT® is a line of high quality, specialty fertilizers intended primarily for soil applications. TILL-IT 9% ZINC EDTA is formulated to prevent or correct zinc deficiencies in a wide range of agronomic and ornamental plants. TILL-IT 9% ZINC EDTA should be used as a part of a comprehensive Total Nutrition System® for optimizing plant growth, development, yield and quality. TILL-IT EDTA products may be applied as foliar sprays, soil injections, water runs or injections into closed irrigation systems. TILL-IT EDTA products will not foul low volume irrigation systems or precipitate with co-applied plant nutrients. TILL-IT 9% ZINC EDTA contains EDTA in excess of the amount required for metal chelation to enhance blend and tank mix compatibility and stability.

Features & Benefits

  • TILL-IT 9% ZINC EDTA is 100% fully chelated and resists soil tie up and will not precipitate with phosphate fertilizers unlike unprotected simple inorganic zinc sources.

  • TILL-IT 9% ZINC EDTA is 100% plant available and will move in the soil solution.

  • TILL-IT 9% ZINC EDTA may be used at much lower rates than other non-chelated or weakly chelated micronutrient sources and provide superior results.

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