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TILL-IT® WIRED™ GYPSUM is a high-quality, specialty fertilizer blend containing 17% sulfur, 22% calcium, and 0.75% humic carbon in uniformly sized particles for fast release and accurate delivery.

TILL-IT WIRED GYPSUM contains extracted PURIC® humic carbon technology, which increases nutrient uptake, root mass, soil buffering capacity, and potential yield.

Features & Benefits

  • Conditions soil faster than other gypsum sources

  • Increases porosity of soil, improving the soil structure faster than compost, so soil retains all of the oxygen, water, and nutrients needed

  • Breaks up soil and displaces salts

  • Enhances fertilizer programs with precision placement

  • Acts as a foundation for prescription fall fertility amendment programs

  • Immediate activation with water-soluble, extracted humic carbon for improved nutrient uptake

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