Effects of wildfire smoke

As if extreme heat weren’t enough, certain areas of the state have been bombarded with smoke from the many wildfires that recently burned across the West. What effect does the resulting filtered sunlight have on apples?

Internal defects from extreme summer heat

The extreme heat we experienced at the end of June resulted in some internal fruit disorders that have now begun to show up. Among these are drought spot, internal browning, and the development of cork.

Improving mold control with pre-harvest fungicides

We continued our examination into Botrytis (gray mold) infections coming in and out of storage. Read about our findings and how to move forward accordingly through the application of pre-harvest fungicides.

A New Layer of Data from Trace Genomics

The gap in fully understanding soil chemistry has always been a lack of data for the unseen portion of the plant: the root system and soil rhizosphere. This is where Trace Genomics—Wilbur Ellis’ impressive new offering in analytics—comes in.