Making Waves with Nutrient Efficiency

The Hardiness Needed to Survive the Toughest Environments

FOLI-GRO TIDALWAVE® is a unique, concentrated seaweed extract with 0.35% EDTA zinc that has complete compatibility with most foliar nutritionals and pesticides. FOLI-GRO TIDALWAVE is designed to enhance foliar nutrient availability and uptake, driving growth and nutrients to key growing points.

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  • Proven yield benefits on almonds, grapes, corn, soybeans, and many other crops

  • Unique, concentrated formulation with 5% nitrogen from NDemand®, 0.35% EDTA zinc, and complete compatibility with most foliar nutritionals and pesticides

  • Increase nut, fruit, or grain yield potential, drive photosynthesis, and enhance overall nutritional performance

How Does It Work?

The Ascophyllum nodosum used in FOLI-GRO TIDALWAVE is harvested at precise intervals and then extracted with organic acids. Unlike most plant extracts, TIDALWAVE is highly concentrated and an amber, clear color. Adding the humectant power of NDemand® and enzyme activation with EDTA zinc creates a powerful tool for reducing stress and increasing yield potential with foliar or in-furrow applications.

FOLI-GRO TIDALWAVE can be used in-season to combat nutrient and environmental challenges. FOLI-GRO TIDALWAVE can help crops recover from damage due to herbicides or dry weather. Increase chlorophyll production and improve photosynthesis with NDemand.

Key Timings and Crops:

Almonds at bloom sprays (2-3x) and in-season during nut fill for higher yields and quality. Proven yield benefits with 1.5 quarts per application. Applications via drip in-season (April and May) of 1.5-2 quarts increased yields in replicated field trials.

Grapes at 12 inches of shoot growth, bloom, and after fruit set for higher yields and quality. 1 quart per application as a foliar is best.

Grapes at 2 weeks prior to veraison, at 5-10% veraison, and 2 weeks later have shown improvement in brix, phenolics, and yield. 1 quart per application.

Corn at V4-6 has a proven yield benefit with applications of 1 quart per acre. Increase chlorophyll production in-season during the beginning of high nutrient loading in the plant.

Soybeans at V2-3 and/or R1 have a proven yield benefit with applications of 1-2 pints per acre. Boost photosynthesis and growth at V2-3 to speed up canopy closure. Keep nutrients at growing nodes during R1 sprays.

Cotton applications of 1-2 pints at pinhead square and first bloom boosted lint yields by driving nutrients to growing nodes during hot, windy days.

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