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NDemand® NITROZIN® is designed primarily for foliar applications to prevent or correct nitrogen and zinc deficiencies in a wide range of agronomic and ornamental plants. Its use is suggested as a supplement to a regular, balanced fertilizer program to enhance yields and improve quality. Application of NDemand NITROZIN is a means of obtaining a quick response to needed nitrogen and zinc. Foliar applications of NDemand NITROZIN may be particularly beneficial during periods of peak nutrient demand, for crops grown on soils having poor nutrient availability or to crops suffering from a weakened root system. Zinc is critical for activation of many plant enzyme systems. Deficiency symptoms include shortened internodes, interveinal chlorosis, little leaf at terminals and poor fruit set and/or quality. Zinc has low mobility in plants and soils and therefore may require more than a single treatment per season to satisfy the needs of actively growing plants.

Features & Benefits

  • Low salt index and biuret content for increased crop safety (low phytotoxicity)

  • Highly efficient forms of foliar-applied zinc and nitrogen for rapid uptake and crop response

  • Chelated zinc for maximum compatibility with many tank mix partners

  • Flexible application can be applied by air or ground

  • Compatible with many other nutritional and plant protection products

  • Enhanced crop yield and quality

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