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Optimal Inputs of Nitrogen and Potassium

Traditional recommendations are to consider applications of up to about 20% of your annual nitrogen budget for pre- or post-harvest timing. However, this is not a universal recommendation. Likewise, post-harvest potassium has its own critical replacement rates.

Fall Foliar Nutrition

Almost 14 years ago, Wilbur-Ellis initiated trials investigating yield responses to various fall-applied foliar nutrients, and has since found that almonds are quite responsive to well-timed foliar nutrient treatments. Read up on the performance of our most successful treatments.

Intricacies of Salinity Management

There are no magic elixirs or wands that can be waved to make soil salts disappear—it is purely a matter of water moving through the root zone and pushing salts out of harm’s way. For those growers fortunate to have access to irrigation water, a good fall irrigation can make all the difference.