Post-Harvest Planning for Hops

The past few years have provided unusual environmental challenges to hop production in the PNW growing region. Fluctuating and abnormal precipitation and temperature feel like the new normal. However, September always brings the familiar and welcome constant of hop...

Can PURIC® Humic Acid Increase Water Holding Capacity of Soils?

Much of the west is facing water shortages and many growers will not receive full allotments of water to grow their crops. The literature is ripe with citations of humic substances and organic matter increasing soil water holding capacity, but can applications of a...

Why improving your soil health matters

Focusing on soil health is a win-win situation that benefits both farmers and the environment. Healthier soils grow healthier, more resilient and nutritious crops, increasing profits for growers.

Which practices yield the greatest soil health benefits?

Healthy soil provides the foundation for strong crop growth and optimum ROI each season. Without the right below-ground environment and structure, soil isn’t able to support maximum plant performance for today’s high-yielding genetics and plants.